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Canopies it’s Much Brighter Overhead with Vista Patio Canopies

With Vista’s elegant patio canopies  you can plan this summers barbecues and know that even if there are showers it won’t spoil your party. Enjoy more of the outdoors with Vista Canopies.

Patio Canopy Brochure

Patio Canopies From Vista –  Supplied & Fitted Nationwide

Patio Canopies manuactured in Scotland using high quality GRP, Vistas ultra translucent roofing lets the sunlight through so it won’t dull your windows but cuts out the harmful UV rays, so even on the sunniest day children can play safely underneath for yours on end. Conservatories can be hot and stuffy but for a fraction of their cost,  Patio Canopies will shelter you in the fresh air of your garden.
Vista’s Patio Canopies arch design ensures your Sitootory will be an elegant extension to your home. Independently tested for wind and snow loadings and fully guaranteed, it is a maintenance free lifetime product. Vista Canopies supply a full range of CARPORTS, PATIO, WALKWAY, OVERDOOR CANOPIES AND AWNINGS.

 Frost free zone with patio canopiesPatio Canopies

With Vista’s elegant carports you can be sure that your car will have it’s own frost free zone. Clearing snow and scraping off frost will be a thing of the past and you will be sheltered whatever the weather, when you bring the shopping home or drop off the children.
Vista carports need to addtional supports or pillars so won’t restrict your car door opening and can be easily installed in a morning. A Vista Canopy will protect your car for a lifetime.

Design – arch Beams

The Vista Patio Canopy is a Registered Design incorporating our unique arch support. This not only gives added strength, but also eliminat es the ‘stuck on’ appearance of other canopies. In order to provide equivalent support, other manufacturers require to add additional unsightly metal brackets to support their beams and these supports can discolour and rust over time.

Vista Patio Canopiesinfill panels

The Vista Canopy is the only canopy offered with optional infill panels. These panels ensure that the canopy has a smart, attractive facia, with no bolts or fixings showing. Other manufacturers’ canopies do not supply infill panels and their unsightly bolts and fixings are left on view. Fitting infills also means that electrical wiring for your Vista Canopy lighting can be concealed, all part of the elegant design offered by the Vista Canopy.

end trims

All Vista Canopies are fitted with end trim gutters a standard. Vista do not use the old fashioned type of stepped beam but have designed their own modern ‘straight top’ beam. The end trim gutters are essential to ensure that, unlike the old fashioned stepped beam, water will not run off the end and discolour the canopy’s facia.


Vista Canopies facias are manufactured in aluminium and can be colour matched to your canopy. Using aluminium provides additional strength and a professional finish for every canopy. All Vista Canopies can be fitted with guttering, if required.

Canopies and CarportsPatio Canopies specification

Vista Canopies award winning design represents the state of the art in canopy manufacture. Only with a Vista canopy do you get elegant arch beams, end trims plus super translucent single ply sheet roofing, all fitted as standard. Infill panels are optional. Vista Canopies reserve the right to change the pecification for the manufacture of all element without prior notification. Such changes will not affect the warranty.

ultra translucent roofing

The Vista Canopy uses a specially manufactured roofing sheet. This ultra translucent roof sheeting lets through 76% of the light and so does not dull windows or patios covered by the canopy, but does filter out te harmful burning effect of the suns rays. Our GRP roof sheeting has exceptiona strength to withstand and wind and snow loadings and has a twenty year manufacturer guarantee to not dull or become brittle and break, as well as being fully protected to inhibit the growth of moss.

Patio Canopycolour range

The standard colour choices for Vista Patio Canopies are white, light brown, dark brown or black, but we would be happy to match your particular colour requirements for a small additional charge. A full range of colours are available to match your windows, brick or stonework.

classic range

Vista Canopies have introduced the new range of Classic Canopies for customers looking for the best value for money price. Our Classic canopies are supplied with our elegant arch beams and these have a high gloss gelcoat finish on both sides and so require no infill panels. The Classic canopy also comes with slate grey end trims and a strong aluminium facia. The range is available im white or brown at no extra cost and uses ultra translucent roof sheeting.


Each customer’s Vista Canopy is tailoremade to his or her home’s specific requirements. Vista Canopies are available in a choice of five standard spans 3ft, 6ft, 8ft, 10ft and 13ft. However, Canopies can be tailormade to any length requirement to suit the space available. We will be happy to advise on the most suitable canopy for your requirements and free of charge, no obligation surveys are available nationwide.

Commercial Canopiesinstallation

The Vista Canopy is installed directly onto the side of your home, using Rawbolts on each beam. No additional supports or fundation works are requiredm so there is no mess. Our installation team will erect your Canopy without fuss in a few hours, ready for use on the same day.


Industry have found many unique and useful commercial applications such as car park covers, loading bays, covered areas for prams in nurseries and shelter for staff to smoke outdoors. Reliability is the key – talk to us about your particular requirements.


Using BS6399, the loadings which the Vista Canopy would require to withstand were expertly calculated. Then under independent test the canopy arch beams strength was found to significantly exceed these calculated load requirements. Therefore, we are proud to offer a 5 year guarantee exclusively for the Vista Canopy.


For Further Details Call: 0800 587 7144

Patio Canopies